Thursday, May 13, 2010

Possible Autobiographical Book Titles

The Landmark Forum Made My Husband A Sap (and other reminders that you should be careful what you wish for)

Before I Had Children I was _________ (mad-libs for moms)

From Girl Scout Cookies to Bake Sales - Primary Education's Complicity in Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

And A Hush Fell Over the Room - The Day One Mother Abandoned Her Family to Do One Thing for Herself

Spandex Optional - One Mother's Superheroic State of Mind

A Cynics Guide to Appreciating Your Children's Artwork

Talk Dirty to Me - Diapers, Snot, Lice, and Puberty and how to Survive it All

Bedroom on Fire - How to Turn Your Revulsion into Desire (and the upside of going blind)

Your Vacation, My Vacation - And Other Separate Pleasures After Marriage