Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bitter? Moi?

Grouchiness, the transient disease, has found it's way into my being and supplanted all rational goodwill. I can feel wiry hairs growing from my ears and nose. My eyebrows are becoming bushy and the crevasse between them deep and foreboding. Long in tooth (figuratively - not!), lower lip weighted with disappointment, chin receding into the flesh of my neck, all which pine to meet my shoulders stooping toward the next disaster. My upper lip is glued into sneering pessimism, eyes full of rejection say "get lost!" Grouchiness crawls along my skin looking for a way in. Once inside, Grouchiness swims through my blood shrivelling my abdomen. Riding to my lungs, every exhale a complaint, Grouchiness sweeps into my heart for it's final stab and I buckle; somewhere inside there another piece of joy withers. Exhausted and beaten, Lethargy takes over, Grouchiness skulks away to hide, and if I'm lucky hard sleep until morning. Start again, try again. Today I will not invite Grouchiness to dine at my table and make all miserable. I will rescue my joy with a tender embrace then hold it up for all to see. I will share it with you, my head held high, face flushed and eyes atwinkle. A smile emerges, laughter follows and all within feels light and clean. Dreaming?

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